So you want an internship?

Aurora Farms offers internships for individuals who are serious about organic agriculture and farming as a sustainable business and lifestyle. These vary in lengths of time and seasonally. If you are a student, graduate, or just interested in polyculture and sustainable farming please email or call us, we'd love to speak with you!

We also offer a WWOOF program which you can check out here!

Personal Testimonies

Sydney Garland- Farm Intern Summer 2018

My time at Aurora Farms was filled with learning, hard work, and growth. As a farm intern, I experienced what it took to work on a full operating polyculture farm. By living on the farm property I was able to connect with the landscape by living and breathing the farm. Coming in with an open mind was one of my biggest successes on the farm as you must open yourself up to new routines, new ways of thinking, and new knowledge! This opportunity felt like once in a lifetime for me and I miss it every day! Lori Ann David is my mentor and friend, I feel lucky to have worked for her and helped her spread love through food at Aurora Farms.